We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

Hey Gang, I really apologize for the lack of content in oh, I don’t know, the past 9 months or so. We’ve moved though and you’ll be seeing some new stuff soon, including some of the articles I wrote for the Performance Menu a while back and some other articles and updates on how our … Continue reading

Testimonial by Emiliano Lake-Herrera

OK, Gang – the next post is from one of my favorite former clients. A few months ago he and his wife moved out to Colorado so that she could pursue an awesome job opportunity. Their presence at the gym has been sorely missed as they are among the funniest, most positive, energizing people I … Continue reading

Karate, I’m Sorry For Being So Harsh….. Random Musings on Karate, MMA Training, Midline Fitness and Lessons Learned

During the course of life, important moments of growth are often preceded when fundamental beliefs are seriously challenged. Hopefully, if one is mature and ready enough, openness replaces dogmatism, new methods erode ingrained behavior and, in the end, an appreciation forms for the stepping stones and obstacles that necessitates true learning and growth. No one … Continue reading